IT Spider wants to check your web connections

It's that nice time of year when we start spring / summer cleaning.  Keep in mind, this includes your computer too. A can of blow off canned air can do wonders to help airflow and keep the IT spiders away.  Need blow off? We sell it!  Need us to clean your PC or laptop for you, we can do that too.  don't let the IT spider invade your case.   

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Windows 10 Running Slow?

Have Windows 10?  Is it running slow?  Here are some easy ways to help speed it up! 1. Go opaque 2. No special effects 3. Disable Startup programs 4. Find (and fix) the problem 5. Reduce the Boot Menu Time-out 6. No tipping 7. Run Disk Cleanup 8. Eradicate bloatware 9. Power plan 10. Restart your PC Find out more here....

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Serious hole in Windows Defender and Other major Applications

Google Project Zero posted a serious vulnerability in Windows Defender and only 24 hours later, in record time, Microsoft has released a fix to this problem. Being named “the worst remote code execution error in Windows of recent times”. The security bug was present in the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine (MMPE), the antivirus engine offered by Windows that is built in to the operating system. It wasn't just Windows Defender that had this major issue, some other Microsoft software titles were affected as well. The complete list is as follows: Windows Defender Windows Intune Endpoint Protection Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft System Center Endpoint

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