Top Three Laptops Under $200 Dollars

Posted by Tammy Barbee on December 30, 2013.

 If you are in the market to purchase a computer for the first time or need a second computer as a backup, here are my top three super-uber laptop computers that are well under $250 dollars to purchase at PC Retro.

1.       Dell Latitude D620 Core Duo 1.66GHZ - Price: $199

This laptop comes well equipped with 1GB of RAM with an Intel Core Duo processor of 1.66 GHZ. The Dell Latitude D620 has a 14 inch screen monitor with Windows XP Professional operating system that can be upgraded to Windows 7. Choose Ethernet, A/B/G or Wi-Fi as your choice of connectivity with this laptop.

2.       IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad T60 – Price: $199.00

This T2400 laptop from IBM comes has a 14 inch screen monitor with a 1.83 MHz Processor. 
The IBM laptop includes Windows XP Professional as its operating system with wireless connectivity.

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T60

HP NC4200 Core 2 Duo 1.86GHZ Ultra Portable - $199

Even though this laptop is smaller in size than the other two mentioned (3.2lbs) and does not have a CD Drive, it still packs a powerful punch. With a screen size of 12.1, it has an Intel processor, 1 GB of RAM, 40GB with a Windows XP Professional operating system that can be upgraded to Windows 7. Choose Gigabit Ethernet, B/G Wireless as you connectivity.

When choosing a computer, it is best to determine what your plans are. Certain questions such as:

  • Do I plan to surf the Internet?
  • What is my budget?
  • How much space do I need?
  • Will I choose to play games on the computer?
  • Am I looking for a desktop or laptop?
  • What type of software will I use?
  • Will I use the computer to write letters or create a spreadsheet?

These are some good questions to consider as you make your checklist of purchasing a computer.  So if you are looking for a first time computer or second one as a backup, stop by one of these super-star PC Retro store locations to check out these top three computers under $200 dollars.