PRODUCT REVIEW: Dell Latitude E6400

Posted on July 25 2012

As of July, 2012, PC Retro/Computer Warehouse is now offering the Dell Latitude E6400 laptop. Previous customers of ours are probably pretty familiar with the Dell Latitude line - the gold standard in business class mobile computing, but what you may not be aware of is that the E-6400 is a gamechanger. This initial Dell offering in the 'E-series' eliminated the classic silver shell in favor of a sleek, black, brushed metal casing. I would argue that aside from the MacBook Pro, this is the sharpest looking laptop that we sell. 

In addition to the exterior aesthetics, there are other improvements over the 'D-series' Latitude laptops. At 2.54 GHz, the E6400 features a higher powered Intel Core 2 Duo processor than we're used to seeing in the D620/D630 models. The screen matches the highest-end D630 with a 1440 x 900 resolution. Like the previous Latitude laptops, this machine is easy and fun to customize. You actually have the ability to increase the battery life on this machine to a full 19 hours with a combination of 9-cell battery, and high-capacity battery slice. 

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this laptop is the price. The MSRP when initially released was $1,139 for a base model. We are offering it for only $299, that's a full $840 in savings! Please stop by one of our stores soon to test out this laptop for yourself. At this price, we don't expect them to last long!

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