Are you tired of Malware, Adware and Viruses? ZORIN May be the answer for you

Posted on July 25 2012

 I hear from my customers no less than once a day that their Home System has become unusable even though they have an anti-virus program and do their updates. Common symptoms include:  It’s too Slow, I can't get on the Internet, It takes forever to boot, it takes forever shutdown or the only way I can turn it off, is to hold down the Power button. We've all been there. This week a frustrated Father of two came in ready to buy his kids their own computer so they would stop corrupting his with their games, music and "FREE" Downloads. (What do we already know about "FREE" things in this world? You'll pay for it one way or another.) Well, he used his home computer mainly for home finances at night but by day his kids were also using it as their portal to the virtual entertainment highway to the world. He never knew what condition he was going to find it in when he got home. It was time to bite the bullet and buy another computer just for the kids to use.

Lucky for him he saw our Ad in the Express while heading to work on the Metro, $45 GATEWAY Cel 2.2Ghz multimedia LINUX Desktop with OS: ZORIN 5.2.  Leary, he called to see if the price was real and what the catch was? I explained the deal was real and there was no catch, other than windows troubles would be behind him.  Linux based systems, like this $45 desktop, were immune to the windows malware that he had been experiencing and the Zorin OS is packed full with built-in; pre-installed Software; from learning to gaming to Office Productivity! He said he had never used Linux, I explained With ZORIN Look Changer, he could make the screen look like Win7, XP, Vista, Win2K or OSX.   His kids would look at it and see basically the same screen they have been used to, and with Chrome pre-loaded to the Toolbar the Internet is just a click away.  Once on the Internet, it all looks and behaves the same. Headache Free email and Peace of mind from Windows viruses equals less security threats. Best of all, if you Have to run a windows programs you can through use of the built in program WINE. After he saw the Gateway up &Running Zorin, how simple it was, and at Only $45.. He bought Two!  One,for each of his adventurous children at home.  ~They All Live happily ever after once again.~  

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Note: We Carry a wide variety of Highly Affordable Product Preloaded with Zorin 5.2 & 6.  GATEWAY E-SERIES Celeron Desktops & P4 (HT)3.4Ghz Towers. Prices range $45-$89;  And several Models of Tablets and Laptops From $99 to $299. Call or contact your closest retail store today for more details.   


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