2 Monitors are better then 1

Posted on August 01 2012


Monitors 2 are better then 1

The adage “two is better than one” certainly applies to computer displays. Adding a second monitor to your system can be a total game-changer.
Using a dual-monitor setup certainly is addicting. I compare it to using an ergonomic, or “split,” keyboard — give it a week or two, and you’ll never want to go back to an ordinary keyboard. Dual monitors are exactly like that. Once you get used to the look, convenience and increased productivity, you can’t go back to a single screen.

Main Advantages of Having Multiple Screens:

1. Increased Productivity
2. Use Multiple Programs Simultaneously
3. Keep Email or Twitter Up on One Screen
4. Works Well with Laptops and Allows for Flexibility (Even Laptops can have dual monitors)
5. Sharing Data Between Applications Can Be Easier
6. Using Skype While Still Having Access to Other Data
7. For Easier Comparison
8. It’s Very Easy to Use and Setup

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