Linux Users can now create Multiseat Setups from One Computer!

Posted on August 16 2012

Here comes another great reason to put down those fears of going over to Linux OS. How About being able to Buy just ONE computer and set it up with 2,3 or 4 workstations. What a great way for a Family on a budget to give all their children Computer Access or the CyberCafe Owner looking for a cost cutting measure!  A new distribution of Linux called Fedora 17 allows anyone to set up a computer with extra keyboards, mice and monitors sharing the same computer.  We keep in stock highly affordable 15" & 17" LCD PANELS and we will discount those further when you buy in Multiple! You'll have Less expense on additional Cpus & Less Energy Use, which in turn means, more savings on that Electric Bill!  

The One Device you will need to setup your "Multiseat" system is a multi-USB Docking Station by Plugable. An example of one can be seen here.  We also have it on good authority that the founder of Plugable is doing his part to see that these devices remain, or even become more affordable, to everyone.  This is important to us At PCRetro, where you will Always find our Computers, Laptops, and LCD's Priced to Move!

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