Give yourself Room to really move with a Dual Display System

Posted on August 22 2012

We all know someone or work with someone that is Killing it with a multi-monitor fancy setup but maybe thought it was too expensive or too complicated to own your own.  Well, All you need is a Video Card capable of two video out to give yourself this expandable view to work in ( easily add a Splitter and you can Clone a third.) Your Multitasking skills will vastly improve when you upgrade to a Dual Display system. Multiple Windows can now be opened and adjusted for real time viewing. You'll be able to keep up with your co-workers messages while working on the bosses memos, watch your stocks and mutual funds as they trade throughout the day, as well as the stock of your fantasy players rise and fall during the game!  open as many windows as your system can take and With Prices like ours on 17", 19",+.. on LCDs. There is no need to  limit yourself anymore. Open up to the possibilities! 




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