Look who Merged while we were being submerged!

Posted by Lisa Ambrusko on February 14, 2014.

So While most of us this side of the Mississippi were tuned into the Weather channel preparing for some of the worse snow fall in recent memory, Time Warner and Comcast chose to take this moment to Announce Their merger. This new Uber company is apparently going to  "Create multiple pro-consumer and pro-competitive benefits.

 They Are now so big and in control of so much it doesn't make sense how this can benefit the end users? A. Michael Noll, the former dean of the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California and Bell Labs researcher said, "It's pretty unbelievable. They own everything -- the conduit and the content." 

Just like When the White house has bad news they must report, they'll release it Late on Friday afternoon, These folks waited for us being focused on family and safely, then sneak it in on us. I think they'll see their own storm-front heading their way shortly. Not everyone is going to peacefully drink this kool-aid.  How will this affect your Hulu and Neflix and other network accounts? We haven't yet heard from these folks but controversy is sure to come. I think I'll hold my opinion until I see the difference in the annually, ever increasing Cost of Basic Cable!