Microsoft Shows Signs of Extending Further Support of Their XP operating System!

Posted on March 01 2014

As a Seller For over 16yrs with Computer Warehouse, I have seen this before. Microsoft dumps one viable platform to go to another NEW OS. Sadly, We must follow & adapt eventually. I started in  '97 when we were all coming off the WIN95 Craze, then Eventually Win98 caught on with "" (or was that "Me"? ) Most of us Blinked-&missed that one,then the NT burp, But XP Hit the retail market and I can attest, many were satisfied.  Actually Very Happy!  Millions of HAPPY USERS! So Then MS popped That balloon with VISTA?   We all probably Remember how that first release went?!  We're  still recovering,  What a CONUNDRUM! ...So if you need Advice, Lets Work this out together. 

Today I saw a blink..Microsoft says now They will continue to fend off MALWARE! EVEN After April 2014!   SO Stay Tuned for further updates...and contact me for ways to keep your XP systems Viable, OR migrate when you're ready! has your solutions at AFFORDABLE means With Quality Computers!

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