Apple Macbook- Big Abilities, Low $149 Price Tag.

Posted on May 30 2015

The MacBook is a brand of notebook computers manufactured by Apple Inc. from early 2006 to late 2011, and relaunched in 2015. It replaced the iBook series and 12-inch PowerBook series of notebooks as a part of the Apple-Intel transition from PowerPC. Positioned as the low end of the MacBook family, below the premium ultra-portable MacBook Air and the powerful MacBook Pro, the MacBook was aimed at the consumer and education markets. It was the best-selling Macintosh ever. For five months in 2008, it was the best-selling laptop of any brand in US retail stores. Collectively, the MacBook brand is the "world's top-selling line of premium laptops

The operating system on these units is OS X 10.7 Lion. This OS is still fully supported by Apple and the Latest update 10.7.5 was just released for Download in February 2015. While it may be a little bit older, it is still a VERY capable laptop. I find that the main reason we sell these are for parents who want to give their children a stable laptop, with the ability to do everything that is needed to be done on the internet while still being safe from Virus infections and Malware that plagues windows based laptops. OS X 10.7 Lion first introduced " Mission Control" allowing easy access to items across the screen as opposed to each window in the way, "Air Drop" which easily allows file sharing between computers, and "launchpad" which made it easier to locate programs without having to go through finder. These laptops are Core 2 Duo Intel based, so you can dual boot with a windows OS if need be. 2gb of RAM which can be upgraded to a Max of 4gb, large 160gb of hard drive space for storage, Built in wireless and iSight webcam. 

With all of it's features, it's a hard deal to pass up at $149. 

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