USB Flash Drive Malware and Viruses- Prevention and help against spreading.

Posted on June 22 2015

More and more I am noticing that people bring in machines that are virus infected and the root of the evil is a friends USB flash drive or after running a scan, their own flash drive. I personally use a large flash drive to always have my software and other goodies I need on me at all times. What I have seen is rather than downloading an .exe file to the computer and then transferring to a flash drive, more people are just downloading software, music, and other files directly to flash drive. I suggest not doing this. What SHOULD be done is downloading the file to the PC or Laptop and then running a virus scan on the file BEFORE moving it to the USB Flash drive. This way, viruses and malware can be stopped before infecting a flash drive. Everyone these days pretty much has one, and we carelessly plug it in to work computers, home computers, childs laptop, friends tablet, and if there is a virus on the flash drive, there is a definite possiblity that you have now infected every other machine you have used the flash drive on. 

One program that helps with this issue is Panda USB Vaccine.  This is a very small program that not only can prevent viruses on a flash drive, but it can attempt to fix a virused flash drive as well as disable auto-run, so the flash drive doesn't just start and open when plugged in to a computer. This gives an extra layer of security and allows for the flash drive to be checked and scanned for issues before it is even accessed by the computer. 

It's a completely free program and great to have in your personal arsenal against viruses and malware. 



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