Last minute Christmas idea? How about something unique, practical and educational?

Posted on December 19 2015

Last year our CEO Chris Scott was stumped for a Christmas present for his 12 year old son. Of course with our wide range of computers and laptops it would have been easy to simply buy one of these for him and let him start playing minecraft or whatever is the latest craze.   However knowing the importance of educating children and teaching them something at the same time he came up with a novel idea. Working with our skilled and trained technicians he picked out the computer for his son and then had it carefully dismantled and boxed up all the components separately.  On Christmas Day his son was presented with something that was educational and somewhat challenging, he had to research each component and carefully reassemble into a working computer.

A year later his son now knows how every part of that PC works and is even looking at upgrading components.

If this is something that interests you, please come into our store, pick out a machine and we will have it boxed up as parts and ready for pick up later this week.

(And don't worry our technicians are on hand to help if you get stuck)

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