USB Flash Drive Malware and Viruses- Prevention and help against spreading.

More and more I am noticing that people bring in machines that are virus infected and the root of the evil is a friends USB flash drive or after running a scan, their own flash drive. I personally use a large flash drive to always have my software and other goodies I need on me at all times. What I have seen is rather than downloading an .exe file to the computer and then transferring to a flash drive, more people are just downloading software, music, and other files directly to flash drive. I suggest not doing this. What SHOULD

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New PC Retro Flyer

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Microsoft starts prompting Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to ‘reserve’ their free Windows 10 upgrade.

This morning I came in to the store and fired up the computer that we use for our point of sale, There in the corner was a little windows icon, once clicked it prompted me to "reserve" my upgrade for the upcoming Windows 10. Now, I am not sure about some of you, but myself, I have actually tried Windows 10, and while it does have MANY improvements over Windows 8, I don't foresee us upgrading the store machine anytime soon. Everything we run currently runs fine on Windows 7. I do however see the benefit for our end users.

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