THIS WEEKs AD APR. 11th 2014

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Microsoft Shows Signs of Extending Further Support of Their XP operating System!

As a Seller For over 16yrs with Computer Warehouse, I have seen this before. Microsoft dumps one viable platform to go to another NEW OS. Sadly, We must follow & adapt eventually. I started in  '97 when we were all coming off the WIN95 Craze, then Eventually Win98 caught on with "" (or was that "Me"? ) Most of us Blinked-&missed that one,then the NT burp, But XP Hit the retail market and I can attest, many were satisfied.  Actually Very Happy!  Millions of HAPPY USERS! So Then MS popped That balloon with VISTA?   We all probably Remember

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Look who Merged while we were being submerged!

So While most of us this side of the Mississippi were tuned into the Weather channel preparing for some of the worse snow fall in recent memory, Time Warner and Comcast chose to take this moment to Announce Their merger. This new Uber company is apparently going to  "Create multiple pro-consumer and pro-competitive benefits.  They Are now so big and in control of so much it doesn't make sense how this can benefit the end users? A. Michael Noll, the former dean of the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California and Bell Labs researcher

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